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Jeff Blake, Rita (Howrigan) Magnan, Dale Bellows (Chairperson), Greg Hartmann and Bob Horr, Selectboard for the Town of Fairfax, pose for a photo for Henry Raymond prior to their weekly meeting April 22, 2002


Seated Left to Right - Jason Heyer, Mark Allard, Sheri Rainville and Stephanie Conant - Standing Left to Right - Barbara Young, Barbara Murphy (Chairperson), Colleen Steen and Peggy Gilbert (Secretary)
(Photo by Henry Raymond - April 3, 2002)

Development Review Board Meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of each month - You may contact Peggy Gilbert (Secretary) at 849-6111 for more information


Randy Mead, Peggy Gilbert, Nicholas Hadden, Douglas Lantagne, Patricia Hudson and Greg Heyer pose for a photo prior to a Planning Commission Meeting, January 21, 2003. Richard Wimble was missing for the photo
(Photo by Henry Raymond)


Maurice Rathbun, Our Zoning Administrator and Peggy Gilbert, Secretary
Maurice is available most Monday evenings at the town office between 6:00 and 8:00 pm and on Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm - Telephone - 849-6111 - (Photo by Henry Raymond - April 4, 2002)

We are truly grateful to Don, "DJ" and Brian, for their committment in making sure that our many commuters can always get to work and other residents can make it to appointments. Summer is here, but it is no vacation for this crew. Heavy rains can send them out any time of the day or night to fix washouts, remove downed trees, etc. There is also road maintenance to insure a less hectic "mud season" next year and it won't be long and the sand pile will have to be rebuilt. When I took the following photos, the guys were in the process of building a new road through the woods across from Claude Rainville's farm on the Fletcher Road to the proposed location of a new water well.

"Thanks Guys, for a job well done"

Don Pigeon - Foreman




Building a new road for a proposed new well for the water department

Stone base being used is salvage from the winter sand screening

Not a bad day - No snow, rain, sleet, temp about 65 degrees and its in the shade

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