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(Highlights of the story as seen on Channel 3 - Sunday June 9, 2002)


Work has begun on (Saturday - June 6, 2002) Fairfax's new recreational field. By the time work is done, the town will have new little league fields, a full size baseball diamond, as well as a softball and soccer field, among other immenities.

"There's going to be a path, a paved path for bikers and roller bladers," Fairfax Recreation Committee member Myles Cahoon says. "There will be a basketball court, possibly in the future some tennis facilities."

The town has been able to keep costs down on the project, because all of the labor is being provided by the Vermont National Guard, absolutely free of charge.

The town has received federal and state grants to build the fields, and the labor provided by the guard means it doesn't have to raise as much money to match those funds. In return, the members of this guard unit get a chance to practice their craft.

"They go and do projects throughout the state, and throughout the country, as part of their training," Cahoon says. "They provide all this labor to the town for free, it's part of their training so when they go into a wartime situation or a combat situation, they can do their job better and quicker in there."

Guard members say the hands on experience will indeed help, should the soldiers ever see active duty.

"It enhances our soldiers capabilities with the equipment," Sgt. Anthony Harvey says, "it's a chance for them to operate, and prove their skills."

If all goes well, the first phase of the project should be done by this fall.