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Built as a Meat Market between 1907-1910
Hiram Bevins purchased the house on the right in 1907 from Fred Wilson
and by 1910 Fairfax Real Estate in the Town of Fairfax reads:

H. C. Bevins - one half acre, house and market - Total Value of Real Estate

Perhaps, only Albert Rich would remember the building in the center shown above as a Meat Market at one time. M. H. & Clara Irish sold both the house and Market to Bernard & Jan Hoben in 1958, at which time Bernard & Jan converted into an apartment building. Prior to that, I believe it was used as a storage shed or shop of some kind.

This past August/September timeframe, the building was torn down and a replacement apartment building is being built.

Little is known about Hiram Bevins, except for the fact that in 1892, he and his wife Diane became parents of a son named Earl. Charlene (Bevins) Sweet remembers an Uncle Hiram vaguely who was her father's brother and Albert Rich remembers an Earl Bevins, who lived and operated a garage in Milton.

Anyhow, this was a Meat Market in the 1907/1910 timeframe and as of 2002, it will be a newly rebuilt from scratch Apartment Building