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My thanks to Chris Santee

Town budget passed 549-231
Fire Truck approved 575-209
Bob Horr defeated Ed Nuttall 499-236
Jeff Blake defeated Stephanie Conant 470-269
Lister, 3-year term: Robin Chapman 665
Lister, remaining year of 3-year term: Sally Mills 672
Auditor 3-year term: Patricia A. McNall 693
Auditor, remaining 2 yearsof a 3-year term: Robin Chapman 630
Tax Collector 1-year term: Johanna R. Blake 673
Library Trustee remaining 2 years of a 5 year term: Sandy Bochanski 642
School Director 3-year term: Jeffrey Loller 621
School Director remaining 2 years of 2 year term: Gregory J. Beeman 651
BFA Trustee 5 year term: Marti S. Sterin 598
Sheriff approved at 20 hours 446-320
Sheriff voted down at 40 hours 486-252

School Budget passed 463-321
Elevator passed 413-368
$20K for technology approved 457-323
$31K for enrichment program voted down 461-315

School Board
Chris LeBaron won 518-172 (Crystel Michand)
Glen McNall won 517-201 Judy Hayes


Fairfax still counts ballots; incumbent loses select seat

FAIRFAX - Ballot counting continued today on a number of issues following Town Meeting Day action that saw 33 percent of voters show up at the polls.

Some 787 of the town's 2,360 eligible voters cast Australian ballots to elect two new selectmen and oust an incumbent.

Voters also passed town and school budgets and appeared to be leaning toward adoption of a 20-hour per week contract for sheriff's patrols in the town.

While many elective offices were on the ballot Tuesday, counts were to continue on a number of races today.

Several selectboard and school director seats, however, had been determined by this morning as ballot clerks worked into the early hours of today.

Edward Nuttal, incumbent selectboard chair, was defeated for a new two-year term by Robert Horr, 499-236.

The selectboard seat formerly held by Al Daniels went to Jeff Blake, 470-269, in a race with Stephanie Crowley Conant. Blake will serve for three years.

For school director for the remaining one year of a two-year term, Glen McNall was victorious, 517-201 over Judith Hayes.

In the race for the remaining two years of a three-year term, Christopher LeBaron got the nod, 518-172, over Christel Michand. Other education board vacancies were still to be determined.

Vote results on money issues on the Australian ballot Tuesday were as follows:

Article 2 -- To see if the voters of the Town of Fairfax will approve a town budget of $1,092,393 of which $841,542 is to be raised by taxes: Yes, 549-231

Article 3 -- To see if the voters will approve $31,186 to contract with the Franklin County Sheriff for a 20-hour-a-week, one-year contract: Yes, 446-320

Article 3 - To see if the voters will approve $62,372 to contract with the Franklin County Sheriff for a 40-hour-a-week, one-year contract: No, 252-486

Article 5 -- To see if the voters will approve purchase of a pumper fire truck at a cost of $195,000, with $15,000 raised in taxes in 2002, $15,000 raised in taxes in 2003, and remainder to be financed on a 10-year loan program: Yes, 575-209

In school meeting items:

As of 9 this morning, vote results were still to be tallied for two-year and three-year terms for school director and three- and five-year terms on the Bellows Free Academy trustee board.

The following school ballot items were decided as follows:

Article 2 - Shall voters appropriate $7,888,920 to meet expenses of town school district for FY2002-03: Yes, 436-321

Article 3 - Appropriate $20,000 to support the infrastructure of the current technology program at BFA: Yes, 457-323

Article 4 - To restore full funding for the Enrichment Program at BFA in the amount of $31,971: No, 315-461

Article 5 - To support the repair of the high school elevator in an amount not to exceed $40,000: Yes, 413-368.
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Note: The Messenger will report complete Fairfax results as they become available.