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September 22, 2002

The guests started to enter the BFA School Bus at approximately 1:15 pm

While Al Daniels, our Bus Driver and part time narrator looks on

The doors of the museum are locked as the last of the 40+ guests prepare for a great tour

We stopped in Shepardson's Hollow and parked in Elaine Kirkpatrick's yard where several old mill sites were at one time, then were pleasantly surprised to be invited into Elaine's house for refreshments

Although Elaine had no idea there would be so many on the tour, there was plenty for everyone.
Elaine is shown in the above photo on the left

The tour left the Fairfax Historical Society at approximately 1:05 p.m. Our first stop was The Baptist Building:

While the bus was stopped at the Baptist Building, a commentary was given on the New Hampton Institute which was originally located across the road in the vicinity of the Ralph & Claire Lemnah Home

Our next stop at 1:25 p.m., was the Hillcrest Poultry Farm, the site of heavy damage during the Tornado of 1973
Awaiting Photos of the Tornado of 1973

We then stopped briefly in front of the Old Malcolm Howard House, which is one of two known Sears Roebuck Houses in the Town of Fairfax, the other being the house of Phyllis Soule
Awaiting Photos of The Sears Roebuck House

Fairfax Falls was next visited at around 1:45 p.m. and an explanation of the early days was given by Al Daniels

Although the houses above except for the white one with black shutters at the left upper side of the photo no longer exists, memories of who lived where in those early days was discussed

The old covered bridge that stood at the falls before the 1927 flood

Awaiting Photo of Spafford Homestead

Photo of the Spafford Cemetery taken in 1996

A very interesting story about what is probably one of the oldest buildings in Fairfax was told by Larry Parsons and The Hermit of Shepardson Hollow, Phil Jones. The building is now owned by Jean Paul Bouthillette

A brief stop at the former Marion Chaffee Residence where the height of the water during the 1927 Flood was shown

The above photo was taken by the Rooney Family of the Flood in 1927 which shows the water at perhaps the highest it got

This photo shows the old Ice Cream Parlor across the river before the old Hazen Wilcox House

The old one room school when it was in use which is presently located on School Street just beyond the Minor House (Winona (Trombley) Spiller Leach is one of the students here)

The original BFA and what is now the Town Clerk's Office

The trip was finalized with what will soon become the Fairfax Recreation Park and ended about 3:30 p.m.