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Rep. Harvey Smith (center) of New Haven, ranking member on the Vermont House Agriculture Committee, and freshmen Franklin County legislators Norm McAllister (left) and Brian Dunsmore (right) are optimistic that milk pricing will improve this year compared to last. The Agriculture Committee, chaired by Ruth Towne of Berlin, listened to farm infrastructure representatives and Vermont farmers share concerns at a statehouse hearing Thursday night, January 16. According to hearing organizer Smith, the committee hopes to promote education in public classrooms, family farm expansion and diversification, property tax relief, and protection from regulation and taxation. The representatives for the two largest "farm counties" said they plan to work together for the betterment of all Vermont farmers. (Photo by Rep. Al Krawczyk, Bennington)

Other Franklin County reps also attended. For ideas and comments, you may reach the legislators at the Sgt. of Arms office at 828-2228. Home phone numbers are Smith, 877-2712, Densmore at 524-3235; McAllister, 285-6363