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The Big Day is Finally Here

Tickets are Purchased Here

And of Course Our Clown Princes Tom & Bill Are There To Greet You

Pete Fitzgerald Makes Sure There Is Food And Especially Drink In The 90+ Degree Weather

Meanwhile, Chris Taunts This Young Man - Notice The Smile On The Boy's Face

And That Was The Last Taunting We Heard From Chris

Father Frank Will Now Take His Turn In The Dunking Booth

He Soon Discovered There Were Some Pretty Good Shots Here At St. Luke's

OK Guys, Let Me Dry Off Now, The Booth Is Closed Temporarily

There's More Than One Way To Get Those Bean Bags Out Of There

I'm Staying Here, It's Nice And Cool Back Here

Helga Takes Over At The Prize Booth While I Take Some Pictures

Meanwhile, There Is Face Painting And Balloon Designs Going On At The Next Booth

Enough Of This, I Think It's Time To Go Pick Up Our Prizes

Steve Lends A Word Of Encouragement To A Young Player

Don Pigeon Mans The Ring Toss

Should Get It In Just A Couple More Shots

Karen Langelier Pitches In To Help The Knights

Keep Trying, You're Getting Closer

Kaitlin Langelier Also Helps With The Dart Game

Steve Minor Lends A Word Of Encouragement Here

There's More Than One Use For Old Bicycle Tires

I Don't Know Which Game It Is, But Something Is Definitely Interesting

Great!! - We Have Another Winner

I Do Believe This Is The Basketball Test Of Skill

Yup!! And I'm A Winner