What is this mystery item?

The Fairfax Historical Society is looking for positive identification of the item in the picture. It is about 3 inches wide by 4 inches high and obviously was manufactured by some company in earlier years. We have a good logical guess as to what this item is, but perhaps someone remembers seeing it used in a particular manner. You may contact Henry Raymond by email at vtgrandpa@yahoo.com, drop a note in the mail to the Fairfax Historical Society, POB 145, Fairfax, Vt 05454, or better still, you are invited to attend our meeting Sunday February 16th at 7pm in the Fairfax Community Library. The progam for the evening will be a slide show presentation on Snowflake Bentley given by Elaine Salsbury. We will also have a birthday cake to celebrate (a week late) Snowflake Bentley's 138th birthday. All are welcome and we will have the actual Mystery Item there for you to look at.

At the present time we have guesses from:

John Kuhn of Fairfax
Fred Anderson of St. Albans

Henry A. Raymond
January 23, 2003