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Bill & Frena Phillips Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

BFA - Fairfax 18 Month Keepsake Calendars And Mugs Are In

Photos Of The Old Mill Hill Sawmill & Fire

Fairfax Youth Missing From House Arrest

Fairfax Woman Will Pen Poems For You

The Fairfax Secret Santa House

Meet The Fairfax Santa Experts

Meet the Freshman Class of 1942/43

Final Christmas Tour Of Fairfax - December 22, 2002

Quilt Makers Present Library With A Special Quilt

Meet The Bellows Free Academy - Fairfax Academic All Stars

The Lighting Of The Tree At St. Luke's

Is There A Solution To Private Road Conditions In Fairfax?

Fairfax Fire Truck Overturns Enroute To Hawley Road Fire

Woman With Fairfax Connections Fined $34,000 For Unkempt Yard

Students To Have Voice On School Board (November 26, 2002)

November 23, 2002 Snow Storm

Meet The Freshman Class Of 1946

BFA Centennial Committee News (Nov 14, 2002)

Hot Air Balloon Flys Over Fairfax - (Photos by Steve Ratte)

Fairfax Historical Society Looks Back & Remembers The Flood Of 1927

Final Results of Fairfax Voting on November 5, 2002

Photos, Stories & Known Results Of Election 2002

Off The Record - Maryann Raymond 021028

Two BFA Teachers Receive Outstanding Teacher Awards

Man Shoots Deer In Meadow Across From Town Garage

The Old Meat Market Goes Down

North Fairfax Cemetery Gets A Facelift

My Grandfather's Milk Route by Larry Parsons

Summary of 2000 Census By The Numbers

Fairfax Telephone Emergency

Steve Cothalis back from fall, will tackle trail

Fairfax Legislator Calls it Quits

Two Fairfax Farms Chosen To Receive "Dairies Of Distinction" Award

Fairfax Funeral Home Facilitates Cambridge Reburial

Fairfax Woman Involved In Accident At Four Corners In Fairfield Center

Fairfax Fire Department Ends St. Albans Town 4 year winning streak

Fairfax Park Plan Faces Challenges

Friends Rally to aid of fire victim

The National Guard Arrives In Fairfax - June 8, 2002

Fred Bellows Featured In Memorial Day WWII Story

Fairfax Woman, Late Husband Took In 37 Kids

Former Bellows Free Academy Athletic Director Dies

Fairfax Youth Cited For Theft

Fairfax Man Injured In Cherrierville Road Accident

Fairfax Planning Commission Public Meeting - April 30, 2002

Fairfax Fire And Rescue

Fairfax Driver To Unveil Sprint Car At Plattsburg

Visit the Franklin County Sheriff's Department Press Releases

Sex abuse counts brought against Fairfax man hit in sting

Library receives first half of $111,000 grant - March 19, 2002

Fairfax Development Review Board Notices - March 19, 2002

Swamp Road Family featured in Messenger Article - March 15, 2002

Photos of Albert Rich at Town Meeting

Voting Results from March 5th

Fairfax Vermont Ethics Committee To Be Created

Library Showcase Open House - March 19th

Book Discussion Series in Fairfax

3rd Annual Alumni Basketball Game - Saturday, March 16th

Fairfax Historical Society adds to September 11th Collection

Vermont Haz-mat team investigates liquid on Lamoille Street in Fairfax - February 22, 2002

Fairfax Receives $120,000 Grant For Rec Path

Public Notice of Fairfax Planning Commission Meeting - February 19, 2002

Fairfax Vote: 'Not in my backyard' - Emerson Lynn - January 15, 2002

Alcohol & Marjuana found at Fairfax School - Jan. 13, 2002

Growth Bothers Fairfax - Jan. 10, 2002

Booming Fairfax Shoots Down Study Loan - Jan. 9, 2002

Fairfax Special Town Meeting - Jan. 7, 2002

Al Daniels Carries The Olympic Torch



Author: Henry A. Raymond
Updated: November 10, 2002